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Il pino e la querce azienda agricola

Il Pino e La Querce

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The commercial farm Il Pino e la Querce was founded on September 2013 by Giulio e Lorenzo Lucci, brothers and business partners.

This agricultural enterprise owes its beginnings to the youthful enthusiasm of two brothers, 3 hectares of land and a small family-run vineyard.

After finishing their studies, despite their inexperience and few pieces of land to work, Giulio and Lorenzo started their entrepreneurial adventure. Initially, the two brothers’ desire to start a new business and the fact that they had just finished their schooling were the main reasons for their decision.


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We are characterised by our passion for the Tuscan region

We love Tuscany with its shades of colours and flavours that we use to produce our authentic high quality products.

We have an hand processed local production, with great respect for the tradition and the aging techniques, to create a unique flavour.

Our high quality products are not just genuine, natural and organic but also authentic, the result of respecting the environment and our land.

The Cinta senese is one of the Italian autochthonous pig breeds from the province of Siena, in Tuscany. This breed has ancient origins, the pigs are bred in the wild state which gives the meat an exceptionally unique flavour.

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