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Il Pino e la Querce is a commercial farm founded by Giulio e Lorenzo Lucci, brothers and business partners, on September 2013.

This agricultural enterprise owes its beginnings to the youthful enthusiasm of two brothers, 3 hectares of land and a small family-run vineyard.

There was little on their side, little experience and even the land to be cultivated was not enough for a business idea. Initially, the two brothers’ desire to start a new business and the fact that they had just finished their schooling were the main reasons for their decision.

It might seem strange, but Giulio at the birth of the enterprise, have just earned a Master’s degree in “Sustainable Agriculture” at the Department of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences – University of Perugia and Lorenzo his Secondary School Diploma in Agriculture at the Agricultural Institute “Vegni” in Cortona.

At the beginning their inexperience was crucial but then their considerable efforts and perseverance have been rewarded. Today the commercial farm includes around 100 hectares of arable lands, 10 hectares of vineyards, 5 hectares dedicated to olive groves and one free range pig farming.

The agricultural enterprise is based in Lucignano, a small medieval village on the border between the provinces of Arezzo and Siena. Cereals and leguminous crops are cultivated in the fertile soils of Valdichiana senese-aretina. The vineyards are located in the Chianti area, a zone called “Chianti Classico”, the oldest and most genuine area in the Chianti region.

The olive trees are cultivated on the well exposed and breezy stony hills of Lucignano countryside, where the typical Tuscan varieties of olive trees ( as the “Muraiolo” or “Leccino”) grow well. The free range pig farming is “The Cinta Senese”, an ancient breed coming from the Siena area characterized by a black coat and a pink “belt”, selected for its robustness, rusticity and easy adaptability to breeding outdoor.

The peculiarities of the pig breeding are mainly two: it’s a closed-cycle production, the slaughterpigs are born and raise under our own supervision;

The other peculiarity is that we use only the cereals we produce in our soils, we don’t use any industrial feed. This combination helps us to ensure the wellbeingof our animals and the optimal conditions for a natural growth and, at the same time, we add value to our cereals production.

In this way we increase the quality of our products. The grapes, mostly Sangiovese, are vinified in our cellar within the walls of the Orgiale Castle (Castelnuovo Berardenga), from which it derives the name of our wine label. The wine is fermented in steel vats at a controlled temperature to prevent the loss of aromas and to maintain its organoleptic characteristics. Then our wine is aged in wooden barrels, with different length of time based on the type of wine.

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We manufacture and process our products by hand to ensure the most authentic flavours and respect for the environment.

100% genuine products

Genuine, organic and farm-to-table products, made with passion and respect for the local area.

Combining the activities of a farm with the manufacturing process, allowing us to oversee every step for total quality control.

We are therefore able to combine our traditional methods with our passion and respect for the local area, creating a unique and authentic taste.

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